What is a fire detection system?

Fire detection systems are a low voltage electronic system compost by a main control panel connected to field detection and warning devices designed and built to provide early warning of fire within a building and to produce a specific evacuation massage to allow the occupants of a building to evacuate the building safely and to move to a designated safe assembly area.

At FFP Nelson Marlborough Fire, we offer the design, installation, on-going testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems compliant with the NZS4512:2021 New Zealand Performance Standard. Including Conventional and Analogue Addressable fire alarm systems, using equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry, with expert design, installation, and optimisation support from our team.

Some of our most recent fire alarm installations are:

  • Nelson Airport and Control Tower
  • Summerset Richmond
  • Countdown Richmond
  • Kmart Blenheim
  • Greengables Resthome
  • Oceanview Apartments
  • Malthouse Apartments
  • Lower Queen Street Health Centre Stage 2

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The Fire Alarm Specialists

  • Over two decades of fire protection experience in the Nelson and Marlborough regions.
  • All fire alarm systems installed by well-trained and experienced professionals.
  • We’ll survey your site, discuss your requirements, and provide advice on the right fire alarm for your needs.
  • You will get excellent levels of customer service, with reliable professionalism at all times.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System Installations

An analogue addressable fire alarm system is also known as an AA fire alarm system. It is an intelligent system that detects fire and warns building occupants, managers, and the fire service. An analogue addressable fire alarm system also gives you additional information so you can implement a more effective response and/or more efficiently deal with false alarm situations.

An AA fire alarm system can do this because each detector on the circuit has a unique identifier. This means the control panel not only tells you there is a fire, but it also tells you the location of the fire. This helps prevent false alarms and helps you take more effective action.

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Benefits of an AA Fire Alarm System

  • Locate the precise location of a fire in your building
  • Get additional information about the fire directly on the control panel
  • Take more effective action in the event of a fire to limit damage and further protect people in or near the building
  • Quickly identify the location and/or cause of false alarms

Benefits of FFP

When you get us to install your AA fire alarm system, your alarm will be installed by a team with over 20 years’ experience. We also provide a level of service that is unrivalled in the Nelson or Marlborough regions. This service includes giving you expert advice on the specific alarm solution that will best suit your needs. We will also ensure the design and installation meet all fire safety regulations and standards.