Fire Protection and BWOF Specialists.

Fire Protection Solutions in Nelson and Marlborough

We are a fire protection and BWOF specialised company based in the Top of the South of New Zealand. We offer full assistance with design, installation, and certification of fire protection systems for new projects and alterations of existing buildings, full management assistance with the ongoing testing, inspections and maintenance of Specified Systems according to the New Zealand Building Code.

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Our Services

We offer a full range of services to protect your building and the people using it from fire. Our services are fully customised to your requirements, and we'll help keep you in compliance with NZ fire safety regulations.

Fire Sprinklers

Get a fire sprinkler and suppression system customised for your location and requirements. Our expertise includes full design and planning, as well as installation, commissioning, and post-installation support.

The fire sprinkler solutions that we offer include pre-action fire sprinkler systems (that require two triggers before activating), dry fire sprinkler systems, and wet fire sprinkler systems. Whether you need a standard solution, a solution for cold environments, or anything else, we can help.

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Fire Alarms

If you want to install a new fire alarm system, extend an existing system, or upgrade to a solution that is more modern and effective, we’ve got the expertise you are looking for at FFP Nelson Marlborough Fire.

Our experience includes analogue addressable fire alarms where the system not only sends out an alert that there is a fire, but also identifies the fire’s location. We also offer indicating fire alarm systems that are simpler but are still highly effective at raising the alarm.

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Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting equipment is your first line of defence whenever fire breaks out in your building or on your property. As a result, it is important to have this equipment even if you have an alarm, sprinkler system, and other fire protection systems.

At FFP Nelson Marlborough Fire, we supply, install, and maintain fire fighting equipment from leading brands. This includes various types of fire extinguisher in a wide range of sizes. We also supply hose reels, hydrants, charged risers, and more.

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Fitouts Extensions

If you are fitting out a building, completing a new build project, or are working on a building extension, we can help with the fire protection element. We will handle the whole process with professionalism and unrivalled expertise.

Our experienced team will plan and design the solution based on your requirements and a detailed analysis of the site and construction drawings. We’ll look after the procurement side of the project, and all prefabrication work is completed in-house. We’ll then take care of the installation and commissioning work.

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BWoF Inspections

Building Warrant of Fitness certifications are a compliance requirement for all building owners in New Zealand. At FFP Nelson Marlborough, we take the hassle out of meeting your regulatory obligations. We have registered IQPs on our team, so we offer a full BWoF inspections and compliance service.

We offer full testing and maintenance services, too, ensuring your equipment and systems perform as they should. We test and maintain fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, handheld fire fighting equipment, and more.

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Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is about containing a fire in as small an area as possible, preventing its spread and protecting people using the building, the building itself, and the equipment, assets, and goods inside.

At FFP Nelson Marlborough, we offer comprehensive passive fire protection solutions that include providing you with expert advice as well as planning, supply, and installation. The solutions we offer include firewalls, fire-resistant glass and doors, structural fire protection solutions, and more.

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Our Purpose

AT FFP Nelson Marlborough Fire, we have core values that govern everything that we do and every interaction we have with customers, suppliers, and partners.

Family First

Family is not just an important thing. It’s everything. It’s love. It’s strength. It’s Fun.

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Think Positive

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A job well done is it’s own reward.

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one team

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