Why do we need BWoF Compliance Management?

Building Warrant of Fitness Inspections

According to the Building Performance New Zealand a BWoF is confirmation that the building’s specified systems have been inspected and maintained as required in the building’s compliance schedule.

A building owner must:

1. Obtain a compliance schedule where one is required under the Building Act. Failure to do so could result in a fine upwards of $200,000.

2. Publicly display a compliance schedule statement in their building for the first 12-month period from the issue of the compliance schedule. A compliance schedule statement is issued by the territorial authority and states:

a)the specified systems covered by the compliance schedule

b)and the place where the compliance schedule is held

3. Ensure all the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for the specified systems stated in the compliance schedule for their building have been carried out and that those systems are performing, and will continue to perform, to the performance standards.

4. Engage an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to undertake the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures listed on the compliance schedule and issue Form 12As. Frequency of inspection varies depending on each specified system, and might be weekly, monthly, six monthly or annually

5. Obtain a Form 12A certificate from their IQP verifying that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for each specified system have been fully complied with. The Form 12A can be found in the Building (Forms) Amendment Regulations 2005 (the Form 12A is officially called a ‘certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures’).

6. Provide the BWoF annually to the local council (ensuring the Form 12A certificates from their IQP(s) are attached) and publicly display a copy of this for the next 12 months (until the next anniversary of the issue of the compliance schedule where a new BWoF will take its place).

Other documents include:

Annual written reports (which must be kept with the compliance schedule for at least two years)
log books (records of inspections by owner, tenant, maintenance and inspection personnel) where a requirement of the compliance schedule.
Keep the compliance schedule in the location nominated on the compliance schedule statement and BWoF. That way it and other documents are readily available for inspection by an authorised person (such as council inspectors, fire service personnel and IQPs).


FFP offers the full management of your Building Warrant of Fitness. The FFP team includes registered and highly experienced IQPs. This means we will carry out your Buildings Warrant of Fitness inspections to ensure your building remain compliant. With our services, you will get peace of mind that FFP will be keeping on top of your Compliance Schedule requirements and paperwork and submitting it to the local Territory Authority in a timely manner.

BWoF Compliance Management

Our registered IQPs can test the following specified systems:

  • SS1 Automatic Systems for Fire Suppression
  • SS2 Automatic or Manual Emergency Warning Systems
  • SS3/1 Automatic Doors
  • SS3/2 Access controlled doors
  • SS3/3 Interfaced Fire or Smoke Doors or Windows
  • SS4 Emergency Lighting Systems
  • SS7 Automatic Back-flow Preventer
  • SS14/2 Signs
  • SS15/2 Final Exits
  • SS15/3 Fire Separations
  • SS15/4 Signs to Facilitate Evacuation
  • SS15/5 Smoke Separations

Fire Protection Systems, Testing, Maintenance and 24/7 call out services

Regularly testing and maintaining your fire protection system is essential to keep people, buildings, and assets safe. Testing and maintenance are the only way to ensure the system works as expected in the event of a fire.

Testing and maintenance are also required to keep your company compliant. FFP Nelson Marlborough Fire is the team you can trust. Our trained fire protection specialists and IQPs can carry out everything from fire alarm testing to fire sprinkler system maintenance. Contact us today to find out more.

We Test and Maintain:

Fire sprinkler systems

Fire alarm systems

 Fire fighting equipment

Emergency lighting systems

There When You Need Us

As well as pre-planned testing and maintenance, our team is also available 24/7 in the case of an emergency. You don’t have to wait until office hours if you have a problem with your fire protection equipment – contact us whenever you need us.

To find out more about fire alarm testing, fire sprinkler system maintenance, or any of the other maintenance and testing services we provide, please contact us today.