Wet System

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems in Marlborough and Nelson

Wet pipe sprinklers are an effective fire sprinkler system that will keep people and property safe in your buildings. FFP has extensive experience installing wet system fire sprinklers in all types of commercial properties. This includes retail units, offices, restaurants, industrial premises, manufacturing facilities, public buildings, storage units, and more.

Our team brings decades of experience and will ensure you get the right solution. We will complete the full design of your wet system fire sprinkler and will ensure the installation meets fire engineer report requirements as well as all New Zealand fire safety standards.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are a simple and common fire suppression method but they are also highly effective. The system involves the installation of pipes to hold pressurised water. The pipes also feature sprinklers. When an individual sprinkler detects heat from a fire, the system is activated and water is discharged on the fire from that sprinkler.

Additional sprinklers will also start to discharge water onto the fire as they also detect heat. This continues until the fire is controlled or extinguished.

A Service You Can Trust

When getting a wet pipe sprinkler system installed in your business or new development, make sure you use a fire protection specialist you can trust. Call us today to get a free, no obligation quote. Call 03 548 2640.