Special Hazard Systems

Special Hazard Systems in Nelson and Marlborough

Whatever type of fire suppression system you need, FFP has the answer. With over 20 years’ experience in the fire protection industry, we have designed and installed all types of special hazard system. This includes gas suppression systems, VESDA systems, foam fire suppression systems, and deluge systems.

Your system will be installed by our experienced and well-trained team to ensure it meets all fire safety regulations and standards. Contact us today.

What We Offer

  • Gas suppression systems – traditional water-based suppression systems are not suitable for some locations because of the damage that water can cause. Gas suppression systems are, therefore, used in locations that contain assets you want to protect from water. Examples include data centres and museums, i.e. any location where the assets in the building are required for business continuity. When a fire is detected, gas is discharged from the system to put out the fire. It leaves minimal residue which causes less damage.
  • VESDA systems – VESDA stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. It uses lasers so is much better at detecting smoke than traditional detectors. VESDA systems are suitable for a range of applications. This includes warehouses and buildings where traditional smoke detectors have to be placed in high locations that are not easily accessible – VESDA detectors don’t have to be located high. They are also ideal for computer rooms and other locations that have high air flow as well as cold storage facilities as they don’t ice up in the same way that traditional detectors do.
  • Foam fire suppression systems – foam fire suppression systems are most commonly used in locations that contain flammable fuels, flammable liquids, and other flammable substances. The foam is customised to your needs and suppresses the fire by cooling it and starving it of oxygen. It also covers the fuel to prevent it from contacting oxygen.
  • Deluge systems – a deluge system is most often used in locations that have a significant fire risk and where isolating and containing a fire is difficult. Examples include power plants or chemical storage facilities. The system works like a pre-action system except it has a deluge valve. When the system detects heat or smoke, this valve opens and water immediately discharges from all the sprinkler heads at the same time.
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