Pre-Action System

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System Installations

If you need a pre-action fire sprinkler system, FFP can help. Our extensive fire protection experience extends to installing fire sprinkler systems of all types and from a range of manufacturers. We will fully design the pre-action fire sprinkler system to meet your specific needs and it will be installed by our expert team.

What is a Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System

Like a dry pipe fire sprinkler system, no water is held in a pre-action fire sprinkler system. This makes it ideal for locations that experience freezing temperatures, plus it helps to protect from leaks.

The main difference between a dry pipe system and a pre-action system, however, is the pre-action system requires two triggers before water is discharged from the sprinklers. Inside the pipes of a pre-action fire sprinkler system, there is a pre-action valve. When it detects flame, heat, or smoke, it opens to allow water into the system.

The water is held in the pipes until the second trigger. This happens when the individual sprinkler heads detect fire at their location. When a sprinkler detects the fire, it will start discharging water.

When to Use a Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System

The main benefit of a pre-action fire sprinkler system is that the double trigger helps to prevent the accidental discharge of water. This is particularly important in locations where water could cause irreplaceable damage to the building or its contents. This applies to locations like archive facilities, data centres, fine art storage facilities, and rare book libraries.

Inadvertent water discharge can cause damage in any commercial location, but in locations like the above, the damage cannot be reversed.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems in Marlborough and Nelson

We have experience designing and installing pre-action fire sprinkler systems in a range of industries. We also install systems of any size from small retail units up to large and complex facilities.

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