Indicating System

Indicating Fire Alarm System Installations

If you need a simple but effective fire alarm system in your property, an Indicating fire alarm system might be the best option. FFP can give you expert advice on whether this is the right type of fire alarm for your needs. We will also ensure you get the most cost effective option as well as designing and installing your system to ensure it meets all New Zealand fire safety regulations and standards.

The Indicating fire alarm systems that we install are all high quality. We will strategically place the system’s detectors to ensure maximum coverage in your building. As it is a Indicating system, those detectors will not have unique identifiers. This means you won’t be able to identify the exact location of a fire via the control panel, but you will know there is a fire so you can put emergency procedures into action.

The Fire Protection Specialists

  • We have over two decades of fire protection experience in the Nelson and Marlborough regions
  • Your Indicating fire alarm system will be installed by well-trained and experienced professionals
  • We will survey your site and will discuss your expectations before advising you on the right fire alarm for your needs
  • You will get excellent levels of customer service and will be treated professionally at all times

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