BWoF Compliance Management

One-Stop Shop for Building’s Warrant of Fitness Inspections

The FFP team includes registered and highly experienced IQPs. This means we can carry out complete Building’s Warrant of Fitness inspections to ensure you remain compliant. You can call us if your BWoF is up for renewal, plus we can set up annual inspections to ensure continual BWoF compliance.

With our services, you will get peace of mind that you will always have a valid BWoF, plus you will know your fire protection systems are fully operational so will protect both life and property.

BWoF Compliance Management

Our registered IQPs can test the following specified systems:

  • SS1 Automatic Systems for Fire Suppression
  • SS2 Automatic or Manual Emergency Warning Systems
  • SS 3/1 Automatic Doors
  • SS 3/2 Access controlled doors
  • SS3/3 Interfaced Fire or Smoke Doors or Windows
  • SS4 Emergency Lighting Systems
  • SS7 Automatic Back-flow Preventer
  • SS14/2 Signs
  • SS15/2 Final Exits
  • SS15/3 Fire Separations
  • SS15/4 Signs to Facilitate Evacuation
  • SS15/5 Smoke Separations

Comprehensive Service

Our customers in the Nelson and Marlborough region value our professionalism as well as the comprehensive range of BWoF compliance services that we offer. We are a one-stop shop so you will not have to go anywhere else. In addition, we keep our prices competitive so you don’t have to spend more than you need to remain compliant.

Give us a call today if you need a Building’s Warrant of Fitness inspection. Call 03 548 2640.